Thorough Explanation: The North Korea problem that turbulent

World of [G zero] is similar to that after the First World War What happens in East Asia's balance of power In the past North Korea has continued "threat" to the United States and neighboring countries in the nuclear and missile, suddenly Why is turned to the dialogue line. Come here, North Korea will stop suddenly the north-south high-ranking officials talk, has hinted to [Cancel US-North Korea summit. How far the real thing is integrated their dialogue route. Times eyes get a thorough explanation of the North Korea situation to Mr. Yu Sato of the original Ministry of Foreign Affairs chief analytical officer with writers, for the whereabouts of the East Asian balance of power. The United States is tied up in the Middle East, North and South, which show presence BIJ supervising editor-in-chief (hereinafter, Mr. H): the first-ever US-North Korea summit meeting is now to be held in Singapore in the month. In increasing the North Korean presence in the international community, East Asia is the situation if the will to change. S's (below, Sato): First of all, the want to make sure is that when viewed in a large flow in the developing of the United States is going to Taicho from East Asia.
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