Book Review: "The world is lost from the Middle East," My Book Review

World of [G zero] is similar to that after the First World War Book Review: "The world from the Middle East is lost." Kazuo Takahashi (Author) 2.0 years The world is shaking the epicenter Saudi Arabia. At the time of writing (0 years), in the incident that Jamarukashogi reporters in Saudi Arabia Consulate General was killed, Istanbul is alleged that Saudi Arabia of Muhammad bin Salman Prince (MBS) was involved being held, the United States, Turkey, EU countries it's causing a violent reaction between the national level, such as. In 0 years of it years ago, dating back, a large-scale purge is performed for the powerful House of Saud royal family by the Saudi king Prince, that high Identification arrests were detained in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh across the board, if Tadakoto choice but also fresh in our memory news. The regional powers Iran hostile Saudi in the Middle East also peace and is far from the state. The 0-year Saudi Arabia has severed Iran and diplomatic relations. The United States also leaves to 2.0 years from 2.0 years to the nuclear agreement signed between the United States and Russia in the UK, France and Germany Iran, and resumed the economic sanctions that have been released by this agreement.
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