Overview Meeting Minutes

World of [G zero] is similar to that after the First World War Overview Meeting Minutes [the situation in the Middle East of the current status and whereabouts - Resources and Energy the financial situation of the trends that govern major powers between the power game ~] March 0 date (gold) S Senior Researcher (Middle East regime) W visiting researcher (the United States regime) H Researcher (Russia regime) M researcher (India regime)) T Researcher (Southwest Asia regime) D researcher (China regime) K Researcher and Program Officer (Moderator) N Program Officer As long as I see the [K's] this paper that I am pre-out (regime), also because of you is he has as the most common item of concern now is what I think the kana Iran, centrally About Iran story you are wondering Fu that Do so long. Especially now, I think most still with'm concerned about Nanoha crude oil price in the world economy. In particular, Toka American sub-prime problem, against earlier that there is a feeling that has been visible in the recession unexpectedly mild, oil prices can not see the future.
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